virgin territory season 1 finale emily 'Virgin Territory' Season 1 finale: Emily needs to open her mind before she can take the next step

And so ends the first season of “Virgin Territory.” But every ending is just a new beginning, and that’s what the show has here with the introduction of its newest virgin territorialist, 20-year-old Emily.

Emily’s a different case than most of the other cast members of “Virgin Territory,” because for the longest time, she had a physical block preventing her from losing her virginity. It’s called a septate hymen, and she learned that she had it when she was 16 and had way too much difficulty putting in a tampon. Even a Q-tip couldn’t find its way up there.

Where Emily is now, however, is a place where she’s recently gotten the corrective surgery and wants to have sex with her boyfriend of 10 months, Jesse. The only problem is the mental block she now has where the physical one used to be, to the point where she is practically terrified to have sex with her boyfriend.

According to Emily’s friend, Megan, it’s all very simple:

“You’re being your own c***block.”

After years of it sort of being the case, she associates her vagina with the words “creepy” and “pain,” which is why she finally sees a therapist about all of this to try and confront her issues head on. 

What begins as just an attempt to figure out why Emily can’t get over her mental block becomes a realization that it’s not a race to the finish line. It’s about conquering your fears in your own time because of you, not anyone else. After 11 episodes, it’s probably the most honest and frank discussion of the mechanics behind sex and loss of virginity on “Virgin Territory.” 

It’s empowering to watch Emily conquer her own fears about her body and her sexuality, and that’s what makes “Virgin Territory” such a fascinating show. That, and all the sex toys.

What do you think of Emily’s journey? And what about the rest of the season finale? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson