vivica a fox 50 cent weight loss Vivica A. Fox on ex 50 Cent's weight loss, 'He looks like a crackhead'Fans were shocked when pictures of 50 Cent were released showing the rapper after dropping more than 50 pounds. But, what if you used to date the guy?

“I saw the pictures like everybody else,” Vivica A. Fox tells Zap2it. “And I thought, ‘Ooh, he looks like a crackhead.’ [He did a] good job sacrificing.”

While the sight was still a shock, Fox says she knew that her ex-boyfriend was losing weight for the part in which he plays a football star who’s diagnosed with cancer and she respects him for it. 50 Cent told her when they were shooting the video for his song, “Do You Think About Me?”

“I was proud of him,” she says. “Because when we were filming the video he told me he was about to go into two, three films he had written and was going to be heavily involved with. I was glad to see him making that transition.”

When the rapper announced that Fox was going to star in his music video, it caused some headlines, as well. After all, he hadn’t said the kindest things about her in the press. According to Fox, the video marked an important step in their healing after the 2003 break up.

“Well, first of all, it was peace to be honest with you,” says Fox. “Because everybody thought for years that we hated each other so much. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. So, it was good to know that publicly he let everyone know we’re cool and that we can work together.”

]]><![CDATA[In fact, 50 Cent had Fox in mind for a specific role, but she wasn't having it.

was funny, because he wanted me to play the girlfriend that will always
be there,” she explains. “I said, ‘No, dude. I want to
play the psycho chick. That’s the more fun role.’ And I did it and it
was wonderful.”

Actually, playing the bad girl gave Fox a chance to poke fun at the gossip about her after their breakup.

we broke up, there were all these rumors and all of this stuff,” She
explains. “People said I was stalking him, doing so many things. I was
like, ‘Really, you guys? I couldn’t work and do all the things that I
do and stalk him, too. Sorry, I don’t have that much time [Laughs].’
So, it was fun to play this awful girlfriend. Everyone was like, ‘I
can’t believe you’re doing that!’ Well, believe it.”

Check out Vivica as the bad girl in 50 Cent’s video below:

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