kelly clarkson lady gaga miley cyrus pitchy strippers VMAs 2013: Kelly Clarkson calls Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga 'pitchy strippers'In case you missed it, Sunday night’s (Aug. 25) MTV Video Music Awards featured some eyebrow-raising performances from both Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. Gaga was baring her behind — what else is new there?

And Ms. Cyrus got freaky-deaky on stage with some giant teddy bears and Robin Thicke. It was pure nightmare fuel and the talk of the interweb’s water coolers today — Brooke Shields called it “disturbing” and “desperate.”

One person who also was apparently not a fan is Kelly Clarkson, who tweets, “Just saw a couple performances from the VMA’s last night. 2 words…. #pitchystrippers.”

And when a tweeter told her that wasn’t a very nice thing to say, Clarkson responds, “haha that WAS me being nice!”


In a slight defense of Gaga and Cyrus, we’d like to hear Clarkson stay on pitch if she was dancing around stage that much, since she generally just stands in one place and sings into a microphone.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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