Miley Cyrus gave quite the performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. From the moment she emerged from a giant teddy bear’s stomach until her final bump-and-grind with Robin Thicke, the whole “We Can’t Stop”/”Blurred Lines”/”Give It 2 U” medley was like a sex-filled train wreck you couldn’t ignore.

Note: 2 Chainz was involved in all of this too, but he managed to stay away from Miley and gave a very nice, standard performance.

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Anyone had to know things were going to get freaky when Miley first hit the stage. Much like the parasitic monsters that burst forth from stomachs in the “Alien” films, Miley Cyrus made her entrance from a teddy bear.

There was no metaphor here or anything either — Cyrus was dressed in a teddy bear-emblazoned leotard and her backup dancers all wore giant bears on their backs.

After many poses in which Miley stuck out her tongue (this seems to be a thing) and did that “twerk” dancing move, Robin Thicke joined in on the action. The “Blurred Lines” singer wore a suit and carried a gold microphone, thereby distancing himself from the teddy-bear insanity.

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Fortunately or unfortunately, Miley changed to match her new co-performer. One swift move was all it took to rip away the teddy, leaving young Miss Cyrus in nothing but some flesh-colored underwear. Also, she had a foam finger. This made Cyrus’ hip thrusts and other suggestive poses even more obvious.

It wasn’t necessary. But what in this performance was necessary?

Posted by:Laurel Brown