farrah abraham sex toys VMAs bound 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham compares hair appliances to sex toys in bizarre videoWatch out, Video Music Awards: “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is headed your way — and she is “sexified”!

In a bizarre homemade video, the MTV reality star explains how she is “sexifying [her] hair for a VMAs look.”

“Today I used three wands to get my glorious and full, beautiful curls,” she tells her mirror.

“You’re probably wondering: Do these look like sex toys?” she asks.

(We weren’t, but after her demonstration that follows, we’re going with flat irons for our VMAs look.)

“The pearl wand kind of looks like anal beads,” Farrah continues, “and then you have the reversible wand that kind of looks like a dildo. And then you have the 32-millimeter wand that kind of looks like a bigger dildo.”

OK, thank you. Only a lobotomy will save us from the images now burned into our brains.

Farrah concludes the sex toy segment of her video by explaining,

“I think it’s safe to say — since I’ve been on ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ and I do talk to teens all the time about sex — I can go ahead and say what we’re all thinking.”

Equally peculiar is the video’s extremely choppy edit (including a random scene from the web series “Wigs” to illustrate Farrah’s experience with speed dating) and a tedious promo for hair care products.

You’ve been warned. (But we still think you should watch the video. It’s only fair.)

Posted by:dmoorhouse