Don’t faint, fashionistas. Your hero, Andre Leon Talley, Vogue’s ‘editor-at-large’ will be the new judge on the next season of “America’s Next Top Model.”

]]>Yes, folks. The man who ruined poor “Dreamgirls” star Jennifer Hudson’s Oscar night by stuffing the poor girl into a metallic bolero, is currently in New Zealand with Tyra Banks shooting the new season of the cutthroat modeling show. 

Andre is quite used to making a spectacle of himself. And he’s often referred to in fashion circles as ‘The African Queen.’ Over six feet tall, he frequently dresses up like a giant bear wearing furry hats that look like frightened badgers on his head and sweeping into fashion shows and parties wraped in leopard and velvet capes. 
We can hardly wait to hear Andre — who was voted 45th among Out magazine’s most powerful gay men and women in America in 2007 — intone Diana Vreeland-like phrases at the trembling new crop of wanna-be stick figures. 
We’re dying for an episode where Andre and People’s Revolution fierce publicist “Kell on Earth” reality star Kelly Cutrone go mano-a-mano. Please make this happen!
Here’s one of ALT pronouncements: “Most of the Vogue girls are so thin, tremendously thin, because Miss Anna don’t like fat people.” Anna meaning Vogue editrix Anna Wintour.
Set your Tivos, folks. He and fellow Diva Tyra are bound to clash big time. This is gonna be one bumpy ANTM season.

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Photo: WireImage