Erikhuffman_survivor_china_240_2Sure, Jean-Robert was eliminated from Survivor: China last week, but on Thursday (Nov. 15) would love be in the cards for two contestants who combine to weight less than the poker bad boy?

Pre-credit sequence. James recognizes that he had a close escape at Tribal Council the night before and he vows to bring his two Idols to Council from now on. The fish-cooking gravedigger is still chipper enough to wake everybody up with fish and a bastardized version of "Good Morning, Good Morning" from Singin’ in the Rain. While the departure of Jean-Robert has Courtney feeling like it’s Christmas, Denise is the Grinch, feeling out of the loop on the vote as the only one stuck voting for Peih-Gee. Denise has trust issues.

Should we call them "Frostney" or "Courti"? It’s Day 26 and Peih-Gee is wondering why she doesn’t get along with anybody. It may have something to do with the fact that she’s attempting to micromanage James’ morning breakfast preparations, as well as his fire maintenance. Todd’s a little wary of the increasingly annoying Peih-Gee, but he’s more worried that Courtney and Frosti are cuddling around the wok making funny conversations for the simmering fish. He wonders if the increasingly clingy couple could be a volatile voting force. Tree-mail comes with a drum and a cryptic clue, but Peih-Gee is determined to win, whatever beat she has to dance to.

Follow the bouncing ball. It’s another schoolyard pick for teams on the reward challenge, but since we’re on an even number this time, Denise can’t be left out again. That doesn’t mean, though, that she can’t be picked last. Fortunately, Peih-Gee, James and Todd take her for the Red Team, leaving Courtney as the last pick, joining Eric, Frosti and Amanda on Yellow. The challenge requires the teams to juggle a ball on drums and navigate through an obstacle course. Want to know what they’re playing for? A river cruise, meal and night away from camp. It’s a rout. Yellow plunks three balls in the target bucket before Red can hole a single one. Courtney wraps her skeletal legs around Frosti in celebration.

The pot calls the kettle on its lack of effort in challenges. Peih-Gee is angry at James for not putting out enough energy on the challenge. She blames him and thinks this makes her immune to his criticisms for throwing the challenge back in the day. "Peih-Gee, she’s just stupid," says James, who suggests that maybe Peih-Gee’s repeated losses say something about her skills. She knows it isn’t smart to pick fights, but she can’t keep her mouth closed. While James fumes over Peih-Gee, he’s even more uptight about what might happen between Courtney and Frosti on a night cruise. "Just don’t eat the damn apple," he cautions. "Be naked and be happy. Just don’t eat the damn apple."

Courtneyyates_survivor_china_240Never get off the boat. On a vessle Fitzcarraldo might attempt to haul over a mountain, Courtney is picking Frosti’s hair. Frosti is counting Courtney’s vertebrae. Love is in the air with the assistance of freely flowing mimosas. "I love my Frosti," Courtney says, to which Frosti adds, "She’s way out of my league." Meanwhile, Erik proves that in addition to being a virgin, he’s also a great goat impressionist. Strangely, Amanda’s just a bit turned on by the goat impression and she calls Erik adorable. Their dinner is fried chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits, but despite the bounty, Frosti senses that the Goat Whisperer may be stealing the ladies’ hearts.

Food is food. Back at camp, the challenge winners pretend that rather than gorging on KFC, they’d actually just had Chinese food again (or, as the Chinese call it, "food"). Todd is glad to have his friends back and he tells them about Peih-Gee’s freak-out. Erik knows that unless Peih-Gee wins immunity, he’s safe. Unless Peih-Gee wins Immunity. Mmmm… That foreshadowing tastes like fried chicken.

You want fries with that? The past two Immunity challenges have favored brains and balance. Surely we should be due for a brute strength challenge, right? Nope. It’s another memory task. But there’s a twist. Players who feel confident can skip the challenge and have cheeseburgers, fries, drinks and fixings. Courtney, Todd, Denise and James are going to eat. Courtney? Really? Even after the fried chicken? I bet we’ll be able to see little french fries jabbing out of her belly. They have until the challenge ends to eat, so they start jamming the food down immediately. It’s a bit gross. After one round of memory, Erik is eliminated, but doesn’t get to eat. "I’m gonna make the most of it," he grimaces, adding, "Sit here and smell it." Amanda’s out next, followed by Frosti, leaving Peih-Gee with Immunity. Ooops.

LL Cool E versus the Munchkin. Frosti doesn’t understand how Courtney, Todd, Denise and James could have compromised game strategy for burgers. He suspects the vote will come down to either him or Erik, so he approaches Todd and warns him that Ladies Love Cool Erik, that he’s too smooth. Todd knows that the girls will give Erik the money if he makes it to the end, but thinks that Frosti may be a bigger challenge threat. Favoring the latter instinct, he warns his alliance that if Courtney can’t bring herself to vote out Frosti, then they should turn on her. The Human Walking Stick remains ambivalent, saying, "Frosti’s kinda like my little munchkin." What to do, Todd? What. To. Do.

Tribal Council. Jeff Probst takes James to task for choosing cheeseburgers over immunity, but he can’t help but be impressed that James ate seven burgers. "It was meat, man," James says. Todd blames his Inner Fat Kid for going with the grub, while Frosti and Eric both say they couldn’t have yielded to their appetites. There’s a long discussion about making friendships in the game versus strategy that suggests the editors were running low on quality material for this episode.

Frostizernow_survivor_china_240_2The vote. Frosti and Erik each vote for each other, with regrets. Amanda tells the camera that whoever she voted for is an amazing person. But who’s going to be eliminated? It appears that Courtney was able to vote against her munchkin, because… "Frosti, the tribe has spoken," Jeff says. "With cheeseburgers still on their breath," Frosti counters.

But… After Frosti snuffs his torch, Jeff says that their business at Tribal Council isn’t done and the credits roll. Geez. What’s the twist?

So what’s the twist? And is Courtney really out of Frosti’s league?

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg