VP-debate-joe-biden-paul-ryan-getty.jpgWatching the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates is just not the same if you aren’t dialed into Twitter. It’s a place of good observations, (sometimes) respectful arguing and, of course, hilarious jokes. Here are some of the best we saw from Thursday night’s (Oct. 11) VP debate:

Roger Ebert

  • Martha Raddatz makes strong impression. Knows her stuff. #vpdebate
  • Joe! Stop smiling and laughing! #vpdebate
  • Biden should look angered, incredulous, anything but amused. #vpdebate
  • Ryan’s “five point plan” sounds great but has no details. #vpdebate
  • Biden: “I refuse to impose my church’s position on others.” As he should. #vpdebate
  • I vote for Martha Raddatz to moderate all the debates. #vpdebate

Peter Schultz, “SNL” writer

  • Oh s***. Don’t go toe to toe with Joe Biden on car crash stories.
  • This is like Alex and Mr. Keaton in season 30 of Family Ties #VPDebate

Greg Gutfeld

  • Did Biden get a sponsorship from Polident?
  • I feel like I’m in a one-man off-broadway version of Matlock

Bill Maher

  • Biden is hitting in one answer all the things Obama left out in the entire first 90 minute debate
  • Hello 9 1 1? There s an old man beating a child on my tv
  • This Biden guy is awesome! I hope he keeps that nice sleepy black guy on the ticket!

Sean Hannity

  • WHAT are you giggling at? This actually isn’t even funny anymore. I am legitimately concerned Biden is not OK
  • Martha Raddatz is the worst moderator. Maybe next time @PaulRyanVP should invite her to his wedding #VPDebate

Joy Behar: Ryan was competent but Biden nailed it#vpdebate

Patton Oswalt

  • I feel like the words “facts matter” are tattooed on Biden’s belly, “thug life”-style. #debate
  • I feel sorry for whomever’s scheduled to fight Martha Raddatz at the underground fight club later tonight. #debate
  • Biden’s writing down: “Remember to return William Devane’s teeth when this is over.” #debate
  • My conservative friends on Facebook are saying that Martha Raddatz is being “rude.” That’s how I know Ryan’s losing. #debate

And really the absolute best was “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” star Alex Winter tweeting, “The good news is Bill and Ted may ride again. The bad news is i’ve been replaced” along with the picture below.

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