the mentaist morena 'V's' Morena Baccarin visits 'The Mentalist': 'It's really nice to be human again!'“V” star Morena Baccarin was a whole different kind of visitor when she “visited” the set of “The Mentalist” for a one-episode guest starring role. Baccarin plays Erica Flynn, the charming and, of course, beautiful co-owner of a high-end matchmaking service.

“I’m sort of waiting around to see what’s going to happen with ‘V,'” Baccarin says in this behind-the-scenes interview on set. “I thought in the meantime I’d stay busy and play another awesome, strong female character.”

When Erica’s husband — who co-owns the business — is found dead, floating in the marina, the CBI team steps in to investigate. Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) finds himself intrigued by the matchmaker, and he’s convinced that she must have been involved with her husband’s murder.

“I think that Patrick has maybe met his match in some way,” Baccarin says.

As for working with the always captivating Simon Baker, she teases, “He sucks, terrible guy! Oh my god, the sweetest guy on the planet. And hot, hello. I’m nervous around him.”

Taking a break from  playing a cold, unfeeling lizard alien leaves Baccarin vulnerable to all those girly feelings. “I’m not Anna, I’m not the lizard, I’m just like, ‘I don’t know, does he think I’m cute?'” she jokes. Still, in the role, she’s not exactly batting her eyelashes at Patrick. “I have to really fight against that actually. She’s trying to draw him in and be strong and I have to keep it cool.”

While we await word from ABC on whether “V” will see a third season, tune in Thursday night at 10 p.m. EST on CBS to catch Baccarin in a totally new role. “It’ll be fun for my fans to see me in a different light,” she says. “And to be human! Let’s talk about that. It’s really nice to be human again. It’s crazy. I have emotion; I can show it again.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie