Well, its a good thing we have the Internet facilitating that whole global village thing. If not, those of us on this side of the Atlantic might have missed what is allegedly the very first promo spot for “The Walking Dead’s” second season.

According to TheHDRoom (an admittedly sketchy, though well-meaning source), the 40-second spot that was posted to YouTube on Thursday (July 7) is airing on the U.K.’s FK channel even though it hasn’t yet arrived on AMC, the state-side home of Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his rag-tag band of zombie-pocalypse survivors.

In the spot, Sheriff Rick fires his big revolver at a walker (that’s another word for zombie, for you civilians out there). But the shot is, umm, shot all slo-mo style so we see a fiery muzzle flash and get to watch the bullet as it travels through space and into a very nasty looking walker’s noggin.

Here’s the thing: We’re not convinced it’s legit. First off, we never see a clear shot of Andrew Lincoln — just a blurred out image of a guy wearing a sheriff’s uniform. And the gunfire special effects are, well, not so special or effective. We’re pretty sure Frank Darabont and co. would do a better job with it.

A spokesperson for the show tells us this is “not the official season 2 trailer,” but is still working to trace the source.

Why someone would go to the trouble of cobbling together a fake promo, we don’t know — but it’s possible. It could also have been assembled by FK in an act of unbridled vigilanteism. It happens — remember the Spanish-made “Lost” promo spot?

We’re waiting for word from the folks at AMC. We’ll let you know when we know.

UPDATE: No less an authority than executive producer Gale Ann Hurd tweeted to say that while the promo isn’t the real deal, it’s appreciated:

No official #TheWalkingDead Season 2 teaser is out yet, but there’s a fun fan promo circulating on the web. See you at #SanDiegoComicCon!less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad favorite 'Walking Dead' season 2: Promo spot surfaces    but is it legit? [Updated] Favorite retweet 'Walking Dead' season 2: Promo spot surfaces    but is it legit? [Updated] Retweet reply 'Walking Dead' season 2: Promo spot surfaces    but is it legit? [Updated] Reply

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson