walking dead laurie holden prey andrea season 3 amc 'Walking Dead' Season 3 episode 14 recap: 'Prey' for Andrea   Too late to leave Woodbury?In the third episode of “The Walking Dead” Season 3, Andrea arrived in Woodbury. And in the third to last episode of Season 3, Andrea finally decides to leave — only to find out she’s too late.

The effectiveness of “Prey” — arguably one of the most tense hours of “The Walking Dead” to date — probably depends on how invested you are in Andrea’s fate. But even if you choose to believe she should’ve left Woodbury several episodes ago, or killed the Governor when she had the chance, the creepy game of cat and mouse the Governor played with her in that warehouse was masterfully executed by director Stefan Schwartz (a Brit TV vet of “Luther” and “Dexter” making his “Dead” debut with this episode). There were echoes of Alfred Hitchcock and John Carpenter you won’t get anywhere else on TV, with some bonus shovel-to-a-walker’s-head action courtesy of the completely unhinged Governor.

The sequence was book-ended by two particularly great moments. First, before Andrea even entered the warehouse, she found herself trapped in a tree by a trio of walkers and managed to methodically dispatch of them all. With the Governor looming so large, there’s been talk that the walkers have felt like less of a threat this season (or perhaps weapons for humans to use against other humans). But that sequence was classic zombie horror, and whatever one thinks of Andrea, Laurie Holden has always been aces with the role’s physical demands.

That certainly helped to make her showdown with the Governor even more intense. And the highlight there was when Andrea brilliantly turned the tables and used that staircase full of walkers to her advantage by hiding behind the door and letting the Governor run for his life for a change.

What a crushing blow that the moment Andrea finally felt free — when she made it back to the prison, waving excitedly to Rick — was the moment the Governor snatched her back as his own personal prisoner.

Other highlights:

– The tension in Tyreese’s group feels like it’s hit a fever pitch. Something has to be done about Allen, and I’ll confess I hope he doesn’t survive the next two episodes.

– Milton standing up to the Governor can’t bode well for his future. It was a clever but extremely dangerous move to burn the pit walkers (which it seems about 99% sure he did). But if something ever happened to Hershel, maybe Milton fills his slot in the group. Unless the time Milton spent devoted to the Governor makes him too morally bankrupt for the job.

– A little sample of the Governor’s twisted logic: If Milton is right that the “biters” can recall some of their human memories then Michonne didn’t kill zombie Penny, she killed the real Penny.

– In the midst of all the tension, Tyreese’s target practice with an approaching walker on the Woodbury gates was welcome relief and gave us a much needed opportunity to see Tyreese and Sasha just hanging out.

– We got a small peak into Andrea and Michonne’s time alone together with that opening flashback, and the hint that Michonne’s pets are not a forgotten topic. When Andrea asks who they were, all Michonne can stomach saying is: “They deserve what they got. They weren’t human to begin with.”

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