walking-dead-prey-walker-season-3-amc.jpg“The Walking Dead” lost a few key characters in the Season 3 finale, but it sounds like the show will be bulking up the ensemble again for Season 4.

TVLine is reporting that the “Dead” team has issued a casting call for the new series regular role of “Roy Stark.” He’s a former army medic who had serious issues even before the zombie apocalypse. Apparently, he’s a loner in his early 30s to mid 40s, who is still “charming/self-deprecating/confident” around people.

“The Walking Dead” is known to use fake character names during the casting process in order to prevent story spoilers from leaking out. And considering how much “Roy Stark” sounds like “Game of Thrones” character Robb Stark, it seems unlikely that’s the character’s actual name.

Could it be a pseudonym intended to disguise the show’s addition of comic book character Abraham Ford — a former army sergeant who became tight with Rick after the prison saga came to an end? Or is “The Walking Dead” adding another brand new character along the lines of Daryl, Merle and Milton?

We’ll find out soon, but for now we can dream cast: What actor do you think would fit in best in the world of “Walking Dead”?

Posted by:gberkshire