What is it about Kate Moss? The sphinx-like, doe-eyed supermodel – best known for dating drugged-out rocker Pete Doherty – can do no wrong. After barely a month in rehab, she was welcomed back to the fashion fold last year with more designer endorsements and advertisement contracts than ever.

Hpim0564_2And now she’s setting the retail world on its head with her very own clothing line. So I’m walking around London on vacation and  I’ve already spotted a curious crowd and a TV camera crew gathering outside Topshop on Oxford Street in London to get a glimpse of Kate doing a rare personal appearance launching her new duds. Kate will be on display posing (along with mannequins) in the store windows this evening and limited batches of shoppers will be let in for twenty minutes, starting at 8 pm until midnight. Only five items per customer, please. Topshop expects the line to sell out by evening’s end. Which translates to lots of disappointed young girls who hope to  be mistaken for Kate Moss simply by wearing bits of her clothing. 

Kate’s reportedly getting 3 million pounds – about $6 million –  for the 50-piece line of duds including a vest, leather jacket, skinny jeans, T-shirts and a one-shouldered dress. Word is that her beau Pete will not be there. Something about him being really busy getting a new anti-drug implant put in his arm. Seriously. Wonder if they can do a brain implant as well while they’re at it.

Photo Credits: Kate and her unsteady beau Pete at the Shockwaves NME Awards last month. Thank God he’s not launching a clothing line.
Richard Lewis/WireImage
Photo Credits: Here’s a shot I just took of Kate’s window in the Oxford Street Topshop boutique. No, I’m not waiting in line. But the leather jacket does look pretty cool for just 150 pounds. Wait, that’s over $300! Never mind.
Elizabeth Snead

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