Evangelinelilly_lost_290 I pride this as being a non-spoiler "Lost" site. And while there are certain elements that are clearly spoilerific, there are some gray areas as well. So I’m giving all of you ample chance to go to some other place on the interwebs today if you don’t want to know the title of the first episode of Season 6.

In case you’re wondering, here’s why I don’t think it’s a spoiler: I have always been fine with revealing the title of the next episode of “Lost.” I usually know them a few weeks out, but I don’t talk about them until they are the next to air. To me, the title alone might hint at events to happen in preceding episodes, so I take the “best be safe, not sorry” approach. So even though “Lost” episode 6.1 won’t drop anytime soon, technically it IS the next episode.

So you’re if you’re still reading, you want to know the title. If you don’t want to know, why are you still here? Are you hoping I randomly drop shirtless Sawyer pics? Because it’s not happening. Seriously, stop reading if you don’t want to know. If you complain in the comments, you have no one to blame but yourself. OK? On the count of three, here we go…




“LA X.” Space intentional. There’s your title, people. Props to blog reader JeffC for alerting me to this title via the site Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear last week on our Facebook group. Looks like this site will feature my least favorite type of viral marketing ever: the dreaded ARG. But if it’s the type of ARG that yields actual information as opposed to the equivalent of fanfic, then maybe I’ll soften my stance a touch on this.

So, what does the title mean? A couple of thoughts…

  1. Clearly, the obvious allusion is to LAX, the three-letter code for the Los Angeles international airport at which Oceanic 815 was supposed to land. Not exactly the most penetrating insight, there. But the title is “LA X,” not “LAX.” A subtle but obviously important difference.
  2. Alluding to LAX means they are potentially alluding to the videos shown at Comic-Con, in which it was heavily hinted that something Jack Shephard attempted actually worked out. I know, I’m as shocked as you. However, if we’re talking alternate time line, we’re also talking things slightly different from what they “should be.” Thus, the space in the title.
  3. But let’s think a little less literal for a moment. Look at the space as not only showing difference but also trouble. “Different” isn’t always good. The seemingly small act of a plane landing in Los Angeles could cause cracks in the universe. Cracks that are represented in the space between the A and the X of that title.
  4. Let’s think even less literal. Forget the airport entirely, for starters. Think the Lamp Post. Think of the pocket of energy below it, one of many interconnected ones in the world. Think the marks on the floor. Think about the patterns they create. Think X marks the spot. Think Los Angeles as the epicenter for an event that tips the balance of the show one way or another.
  5. As Televisionary points out, the letter “X” is often marked as a variable or unknown. If the word “variable” sets off your Spidey-sense, you undoubtedly remember Faraday’s notion of the variable as solving the time loop problem in “Lost”. Given that detonating Jughead was the end-game of his plan, “LA X” could refer to Eloise, frantically scribbling out the equation that will save her son, the Island, and the world. Though maybe not in that order.

But hey, that’s all speculation. But hopefully speculation that’s kicked your “Lost” mind into gear. What do you make of the title? Does it have you psyched for Season 6? Leave your thoughts below!

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