Tvpartyw712 Sometimes a new show comes along that seems

built for success. That’s why we love Warehouse 13, airing Tuesdays on SyFy;

it’s a little bit X-Files and a little bit National Treasure and a whole

lotta fun. And did we mention that this week’s episode features former Battlestar Galactica siren Tricia Helfer as a guest star? Well, it does. So

channel your inner and outer geeks and send out the invitations; we’re throwing

a Warehouse 13 party!


Setting the scene:

If you’re a pack rat, decorating might be

easy for you this week because we are going into warehouse overload. First and

foremost, you’ll need to decorate the outside of your home — yes, the outside —

with sheets of old corrugated rusty tin siding. You really just need

one or two false walls for effect. Through those you’ll need to construct the

white tube hallway from bendable perforated utility panels people use in their

garages to hang their tools. The paneling is totally

bendable and will help set the stage for the interior, which mimics Warehouse

13 by being filled with old trunks,

old travel bags, a suit of armor, random antiques,

foreign artifacts, old paintings, rocking horses, pictures of Thomas Edison and

Nikola Tesla, old radio and television tubes, and old books. To give everything that true warehouse look, hang a few

barn/warehouse pendant lights overhead. During

breaks in the action, have guests participate in quizzes from the show’s Web




The weirder the better, and to us that

means capes, goggles, leotards, climbing apparel and janitor



On the menu:

Cookies! Both Artie and Pete love cookies,

so bake sugar cookies like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, Myka hates sugar, so

have a veggie platter around for her kind of crazy.


On the hi-fi:

This week’s episode features some strange

tunes by a fictional ’60s musical genius. And though we’re not sure we should

encourage you to buy anything from Phil Spector, creator of the “wall of

sound,” how about you buy some bootlegs of Brian Wilson?

He is definitely a genius, definitely hit his peak in the ’60s and is

definitely strange. We suggest his instrumentals.


The showstopper:

Nikola Tesla has been dead since 1943 (or has

he?), but his genius lives on with everything electric. So why not show your

love by parking a new Tesla Roadster in your driveway

before the party? These convertibles are purely electric and go from zero to 60

in just 3.9 seconds! They make Edison’s electric car look like a bicycle. Sure

they cost more than $100,000, but think of the gas savings! Artie would love


Posted by:Michael Korb