stephen ira beatty Warren Beatty's transgender son Stephen Ira slams Chaz BonoThere’s no denying that Chaz Bono‘s profile has been on the rise since he announced that he would be transitioning from a female body to a male body — not to mention, of course, his much-watched run on “Dancing With the Stars.”

With that rising profile comes media attention, press… and outrage. Another transgender son of a famous family has raised his voice against some of Bono’s statements. Nineteen-year-old Stephen Ira Beatty (born Kathlyn Beatty), son of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, struck out against Bono, who recently compared being transgender to having a birth defect, “like a cleft palate.”

In September, Beatty wrote a blog piece about the statement. “I do not have a birth defect. If you feel like you have a birth defect,
fine. That’s how you feel. Go feel that. Do not put it onto me. Do not
define me that way, and do not define other trans people that way unless
they claim that label,” he says.

“Chaz is a misogynist…This man doesn’t represent our community. He
especially does not represent those of us who are non-binary, non-op,
women, or feminist men. Chaz needs to do some hard thinking about what
it means to appoint oneself representative of a whole group without
considering the desires of all the group’s members.”

Two months later, Beatty has reflected on his own statements and reached out a bit of an olive branch with a second blog post.

“I bear the guy no ill will. I just don’t want anyone thinking that he’s qualified to offer Trans 101, you know?” Beatty reflected. “I would be more than happy to sit down with Chaz, have a drink, and
talk with him about how he can think and talk about gender in a way
that’s more inclusive. He seems like an all right guy, his questionable
views aside.

“And from what I’ve seen, he’s really remarkably good at the cha cha.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie