britney spears work bitch video digitally thinned gi Was Britney Spears digitally thinned for 'Work B****' video?

Was Britney Spears‘ hot body in the “Work B****” video the result of digital thinning? New photos from the filming process indicate that she might have been altered a little.

According to Radar Online, photos released by HOAX films indicate that Britney was less toned before the final video came out. The visual effects studio was hired to complete shots and extend certain sets. They also did something called “cleanup,” a process whose definition is not totally clear.

You can view the photos here. The post-production studio initially released them last week but then removed the images that showed a heavier — although still rather impressively fit — Britney Spears.

No one at HOAX has said anything specific about what they did with the footage. “We are excited to collaborate on such a stunning music video,” said HOAX Films executive producer Alexis Nelson in an interview. The same production company also worked on Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” video.

This isn’t the first accusation of video editing in the work of this “Breaking Bad”-hating singer. Her 2007 video for “Piece of Me” had the same issue, showing Britney Spears much slimmer than she was in reality.

Posted by:Laurel Brown