Look what Jason Segel's full frontal nude scene in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" hath wrought.

Andy Samberg
started the bare crotch gag during the pretaped intro to the MTV Movie Awards last night, when he was beamed into Justin Timberlake's limo and got out by crawling all over him.

But Eminem didn't seem too pleased when it was his turn to receive some bare buttocks in the face. 

Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed as gay Austrian fashion guru Brüno, fluttered down from the ceiling in white angel feathers and landed with his head in Slim Shady's lap and his thonged bare rear right in the rapper's face.

Em yelled: Are you serious? Are you … serious?" A suspended Cohen struggled to get up — without much success — as Em's entourage began pushing and shoving the suspended Brüno off their charge. Then Eminem and his entourage appeared to storm angrily out of the Gibson Amphitheatre.

Zac Efron then took to the stage to accept the award that Brüno had blurted out but few people had actually heard, saying, “That was really weird.”

What do you think? Obviously, the prank was planned, but did Eminem know about it? Or was he really surprised and really angry?

But if he was POed, this would not be the first time.

Remember his 2002 run-in with Triumph the Insult Dog?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead