It's been almost two weeks since Michael Jackson's sudden death and we still don't know for sure what killed him.

But serious drug use rumors abound.

"We are still awaiting corroboration from the coroner's office as to cause of death. That is going to be very dependent on the toxicology reports that are due to come back," Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton told CNN. "And based on those, we will have an idea of what it is we are dealing [with]: are we dealing with a homicide or are we dealing with accidental overdose?"

Back in 2003, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's police raided Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Here's the list — obtained by TMZ — of what the police found back then:

]]>A vial of Versed — a powerful sedative

IV bags containing "a milky white fluid, located in a small cardboard box on top of the bathtub."

(BTW, Propofol and other anesthesias are milky white. Propofol was in Jackson's home the day he died.)

A vial of Promethazine — an antihistamine with strong sedative effects

A bottle of Alprazolam (generic for Xanax, a powerful anti-anxiety drug)

A bottle of Percocet — a painkiller

A syringe

A vial with Demerol in it

Numerous loose pills

A bottle of Prednisone — a steroid

Ery-tab — an antibiotic

Prescriptions for Xanax that had been filled

A prescription for Alprazolam

To see photos of the confiscated items, click  here.

Sounds more like Neverland General Hospital. 

Why didn't someone get him help, stat?

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Photo credits: MIchael Jackson's mug shot from 2003. WireImage

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