selena-gomez-drunk-golden-globes copy.jpgFirst, Justin Bieber gets busted smoking pot, then Selena Gomez is caught (allegedly) drunk on a red carpet? Somebody lock up Taylor Swift, because it looks like all the pop stars are suddenly acting like rock stars.

20-year-old Gomez was at the WB InStyle Golden Globes after-party with her BFFs Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale on Sunday night when she paused to do an interview on the red carpet. The usually poised actress and singer seemed a little bit out of sorts, stumbling over her words and even slurring a bit.

Of course, this could just be some post-breakup press jitters, or cold medicine side-effects, or lightheadedness from whatever she had to do to get into that incredible metallic Versace dress.

Still, Gawker and several other blogs have noted that Gomez’s praise for Jennifer Lawrence makes her sound an awful lot like that overly affectionate drunk girl at every basement party you ever attended in high school.

“There was such incredible parts of — of the entire show,” Gomez says. “But for me, as an actress fan, like seeing Jennifer Lawrence after all she’s been through, even being part of an incredible fan — franchise — seeing her accept the speech was incredible. It was a good moment for me. I don’t even know her but I think she’s so cool and I think she deserved it.”

She’s definitely not her usual well-spoken self. Do you think she’d had one too many?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie