An unusual thing happened on “Jeopardy” Thursday (March 12) — there was only one person playing in Final Jeopardy.

What happened is pretty simple (though a little unbelievable, in one case). Contestants Brad and Stephanie ended Double Jeopardy in the negative and as fans know, if you’re in the negative, you don’t get to play in the finals because you have no money to wager. Rather hilariously, Brad was only negative $200, but good ol’ Stephanie apparently just could not stop ringing in because girlfriend was negative $6800.

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So contestant Kristin was the only one left standing in regulation, which means she played Final Jeopardy all by herself. The category was the U.S. Government and Kristin did not get the question right, but she smartly only wagered $1600. So at least somebody was using her head today. #poorstephanie.

Twitter was a-buzz with the LOLZ about how it all went down:

Though this tweet is particularly delicious:

In another fun bit of (ahem) trivia, this was a clue during the episode as well:

jeopardy live tweeting clue Watch the 1 person final 'Jeopardy': Spoiler alert, she winsAnd finally, in case you were curious — this has happened at least one another time, back in 2011.

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