At Comic-Con 2012, Showtime debuted the first two minutes of “Dexter” Season 7, which picks up right at the cliffhanger where Season 6 left off — namely, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) walking in on Dexter (Michael C. Hall) killing Travis.

Deb is, naturally, freaking out, in that profanity-laden way we all know and love from her. Dexter’s explanation is that he came back to do a forensic sweep and that Travis attacked him and he snapped. Which Deb finds rather fishy, since Travis is strapped to the altar with plastic.

Dexter invokes Rita, which is pretty low. And Deb isn’t really buying it, especially since his reasoning that as a forensic expert it’s second nature not to leave any trace evidence makes him seem pretty cold and calculating.

Deb goes to call it in to Miami Metro Homicide and Dexter tries to stop her. Do you think he’ll succeed? What will he tell her?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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