felix baumgartner freefall from space Watch Felix Baumgartner's 22 mile freefall from spaceProfessional daredevil Felix Baumgartner broke a world record today (Oct. 14) — and the speed of sound.

Ascending from Roswell, N.M. via a pressurized capsule attached to the largest balloon ever used for a manned flight, Baumgartner jumped from an altitude of 24 miles — outside the stratosphere.

His freefall lasted for almost 10 minutes as he achieved a supersonic speed in excess of 800 miles per hour.

Among the team of 300 engineers, scientists and doctors is 84-year-old Joe Kittinger, 84, who jumped from 102,800 feet 1960 — whose 52-year record Baumgartner smashed.

Baumgartner’s landing — on his feet, no less — was negotiated by parachute, but it wasn’t deployed until the last few thousand feet of his descent.

What do you think of this skydiving stunt — cool or crazy…or both?

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