First there was the “Full House of Cards” mash-up you never knew you wanted, then the brilliant (and on-the-nose) “Walking Dead” version of the “House of Cards” opening credits.

Now a creative YouTuber named Wayne Wolfe has made a “West Wing” version of the “House of Cards” opener (above), which is not only delightful because there could not be two politically themed shows that are more different, but also because Wolfe takes care to make some funny matchups based on where he puts the “HoC” actors in the credits.

Derek Cecil is Rob Lowe, which is totally appropriate because Seth Grayson is like the evil Sam Seaborn. Robin Wright is Stockard Channing (natch), and Mahershala Ali is Dule Hill, which is a little … obvious since their characters actually occupy very different roles on their respective shows.

Nathan Darrow would have made a better Hill, but he’s Janel Moloney, which is pretty funny, though. It was such a Donna thing to do to fire his gun in a residential neighborhood, right?

Molly Parker is Allison Janney (that fits), and Michael Kelly is the Richard Schiff, John Spencer, Bradley Whitford arc all rolled into one, which is perfect because Doug Stamper is basically Frank Underwood’s catch-all employee and has no life outside Underwood’s machinations.

Kevin Spacey is, of course, Martin Sheen. Awesome.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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