We’re guessing that the crossover audience between “iCarly” and “The Wire” is, give or take a few parents who watch the former with their kids, pretty much nonexistent. Which could explain how a clip from “iCarly” that spoofs/pays homage to “The Wire,” and which aired in January 2010, is just now being discovered online.

We wish we would have known about this sooner, but frankly, we’re just glad it’s there. Consider our day improved a little. (Thanks to Buzzfeed for bringing it to our attention.)

The episode in question involves the “iCarly” characters playing a game of Assassin using paintballs and blowtubes. Sam (Jennette McCurdy) has Gibby (Noah Munck) dead to rights, and Gibby channels his inner Snoop. (The “iCarly” wiki also notes that elsewhere in the episode, Sam declares that “Spencer gonna get got!”)

Peter Tibbals and Eric Goldberg are credited as writers of the episode, and if we ever meet, drinks are on us.

The original scene from “The Wire” is below. There’s a good deal of NSFW language, and the portion that “iCarly” spoofs is in the last 30 seconds.

Posted by:Rick Porter