Forget about the ’60s-era’s well-spoken Dr. Zaius or Helena Bonham Carter in ape prosthetics because “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is totally reinventing the franchise. And Charlton Heston — were he still alive — would be totally jealous if he saw the awesomeness that is promised by the just-released trailer.

James Franco stars as a scientist working on a miracle drug that can cure brain maladies. It’s called, umm, The Cure (no relation to Robert Smith). He tests it on a chimp named Ceasar and — whammo — Ceasar becomes super-intelligent and passes along the Cure to what appears to be about a gazillion other primates.

All of this unfolds in San Francisco — so if you’re looking for a shot of the Statue of Liberty rusting away on the beach, go back to the original. But we will get plenty of well-done CGI ape swarms on the Golden Gate Bridge and other San Francisco landmarks.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson