Every year, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”‘s post-Oscar show seems to outdo itself — if this much effort were put into the hosting of the actual Academy Awards, we might not mind it running an hour overtime. For his 2013 broadcast, Kimmel gathered some of his most well-respected celebrity friends… and convinced them to humiliate themselves for our entertainment.

He presented the epic trailer for “Movie: The Movie 2V,” a combination of just about every ridiculous and awesome movie trope (and every ridiculous and awesome movie star) one could imagine. There was John Krasinski, the terrible superhero with a melodramatic backstory. Bradley Cooper, the “handsome inspirational teacher from a low-income public school.” Zombie Bruno Mars. Kerry Washington as the “nerdy girl who takes off her glasses and turns super hot.” Oprah Winfrey as the preoccupied POTUS. Bryan Cranston as an armless piano savant.

Together, they sought out to fight an army of overwhelmingly sexy monsters (including Armie Hammer). As Jessica Chastain said, “Teenage girls and their weird moms don’t stand a chance.”

They tried everything — even a lovely musical number by Amanda Seyfried urging our heroes to “out-sex them,” and a “blatant attempt to win an Academy Award” by Salma Hayek. But ultimately, they realized that the only way to fight sexy is with sexy.

And thus, they released the Tatum. Channing Tatum.

The clip also featured Jude Law, Rachael Weisz, Topher Grace, Jason Schwartzman, Samuel L. Jackson, Wolf Blitzer, Guillermo, and Chris Rock as a “CGI gopher with the voice of a black person, obviously written by a white person.” Kimmel even made sure to include his arch-nemesis Matt Damon, who was put in a rather compromising position.

Kimmel has done it again.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie