americans episode 9 watch online safe house fx Watch online: 'The Americans' Season 1 episode 9   'Safe House'If your DVR cut off the ending of this week’s episode of FX’s “The Americans,” you’re not alone. Due to an internal error that caused many DVRs to stop recording before the climatic finale, FX has made the entire episode available to watch online — without the customary delay following its initial broadcast.

Apparently the information FX distributed to television listings services included an incorrect end time of 11 p.m., instead of 11:07 p.m. The snafu would’ve caused any DVR relying on the listings to stop recording before the episode actually ended. And the network considered the matter serious enough to address with an apology and immediate online streaming of the episode (it’s available until May 15).

“The error is regrettable and I apologize to all the loyal fans of The Americans who were cheated out of the full viewing experience of one of the most important episodes so far this season,” FX senior VP of media relations John Solberg said in a statement. “Unfortunately mistakes happen and this happened to be a very unfortunate time for this kind of mistake. I hope the viewers whose DVRs failed to capture the final seven minutes of the episode will take advantage of the opportunity to watch the encore run on and see the spectacular ending.”

“The Americans,” starring Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell as KGB spies in 1980s America, has been scoring critical acclaim and solid ratings for FX in its first season.

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