Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday (Aug. 19), when host Jimmy Fallon asked him to play “GoldenEye 007,” the Nintendo 64 game that Fallon was obsessed with when he was younger. It’s pretty adorable how legitimately Fallon is geeking out about playing this game with the former Bond who starred in the 1995 movie the game is named after.

“How are you still alive?! You’re like the real Bond,” shouts Fallon when he can’t kill Brosnan right away. Fallon eventually wins, though. It’s too bad they don’t play longer.

Below, Brosnan talks about an awkward filming scene from when he was Bond — and it’s maybe not what you think it might be. He also shows off a clip of “The November Man,” a spy thriller due out later this month.

In the final video, Brosnan says there are already talks for a “November Man” sequel — in fact, Relativity Media announced plans on Aug. 20 for pre-production on the sequel to begin “soon” — then reveals that he was almost James Bond nine years before he actually took on the role.

Apparently, there was a whole kerfuffle over “Remington Steele’s” last season being picked up by NBC and the deal to play Bond in 1986 fell through, so the role went to Timothy Dalton. Frankly, we think Brosnan dodged a bullet there — “The Living Daylights” and “License to Kill” are not the strongest Bond offerings.

“The November Man” is in theaters Wednesday, Aug. 27.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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