hindsight vh1 premiere Watch the premiere of VH1's time travel rom dramedy 'Hindsight'Ready for a burst of ’90s nostalgia? Then you should definitely watch the premiere of VH1’s newest scripted series, “Hindsight,” which features VHS tapes, discmans (discmen?), crop tops and many more of the decade’s finest fashions and technology.

The new hourlong drama-slash-comedy-slash-time-travel-experiment follows Becca, who is having second thoughts the night before of her second wedding. After a fateful elevator ride, she wakes up the next morning on the day of her first wedding — in 1995. She must confide with her former BFF to re-live the day and make the right choices this time.

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Star Laura Ramsey, who plays Becca, is a delightful lead, while Sarah Goldberg nails the best friend part and Craig Horner’s Australian accent is all you need to understand why Becca fell for such a bad boy.

If you liked the delightful Canadian drama “Being Erica,” about a woman who would travel back to a different time in her life to correct specific mistakes she made, you’ll definitely love “Hindsight.” It’s got that same sweet, wholesome perfectly pleasant vibe. Plus, who doesn’t love to daydream about going back in time and making different — and better — choices?

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Although the show premieres Wednesday (Jan. 7) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on VH1, the premiere episode is already online in full. Watch the cute new show below and be transported back to the time where AOL email addresses weren’t grounds for mocking and smoking in a bar wouldn’t get you kicked out.

Posted by:Jean Bentley