ruben studdard the biggest loser nbc Watch 'The Biggest Loser' preview: Ruben Studdard in tears over diabetes news

“The Biggest Loser” is back for Season 15 with 15 brand new contestants, a “Second Chances” theme, the first ever celebrity “Biggest Loser” candidate, new competition twists, and plenty of surprises.
Zap2it has your first look at a video preview of Season 15 that features “American Idol” Season 2 winner, Ruben Studdard in his first appearance on “The Biggest Loser” ranch. 
“I am … afraid,” Studdard says, as a doctor tells the singer, “You’ve got diabetes.” Studdard is next seen with tears rolling down his face, as a family member tells him via Skype, “You can get through this.”
Suited out in his standard-issue “Biggest Loser” jersey, Studdard is shown in the video dripping sweat while struggling in the gym, as other contestants cry, vomit, and literally fall to the ground during workouts. Meanwhile, the trainers, Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince dish out their trademark tough love.
Jillian previously said she had no idea who Ruben was before he decided to enter the weight loss competition, but “like all ‘Biggest Loser’ contestants, there is definitely an underlying pain, sadness, and anger underneath the cool, funny facade.” She also talked about the brand new Season 15 “trainer save” twist, and how she hopes it will help contestants work harder for the trainers each week to prove they are “worth saving.”
Another big surprise given away in the preview video is the return of Season 14’s “Biggest Loser” kids, Biingo, Sunny and Lindsay. But exactly what the kids are doing back at the ranch remains to be seen.
“The Biggest Loser” Season 15 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 8 on NBC. For now, watch the preview and get excited for “Second Chances”:

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