la complex banner Watch 'The L.A. Complex' premiere online nowThe CW is importing Canadian soap “The L.A. Complex” beginning Tuesday, April 24, but you can watch the entire season premiere online right now. Warning: You might get extremely addicted and immediately pine for about 500 more episodes, so watch at your own risk.

The show follows “Degrassi” alum Cassie Steele as Abby, an aspiring actress, and the other Hollywood wannabes living in her Los Angeles apartment complex. There’s the dancer, the standup comedian, the actor, the musician, the has-been, the screenwriter — basically every entertainment biz type in one place.

Naturally, since it’s from the people who brought the world the wonder that is “Degrassi,” “The L.A. Complex” is a steamy, soapy affair that you won’t be able to resist. Check out the first episode below, and stay tuned for interviews with the cast as we approach the premiere!

Posted by:Jean Bentley