Watch the "New Moon" sneak peeks shown this week at Comic-Con.

It gets a little crazy in the Comic-Con auditorium when Taylor Lautner, sorry, Jacob, starts wiping up Kristen Stewart, sorry, Bella's blood. And when he takes off his shirt, the screams are deafening.

And here's another one of an action scene in Rome showing Bella racing to save Robert Pattinson's, sorry, Edward's, life as he strips and walks into a sun-splashed courtyard to destroy himself.

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Now we're not saying that Summit chose these two clips simply because they just happened to show off both of their sexy male stars' physiques and were sure to drive their young female fan base wild.

We're sure the double shot of male nudity was just a coincidence.

That said, our thirst is not quenched. We cannot wait until "NM" comes out.

Are you more excited than ever too?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead