realworlddc 290 Watch the 'Real World: DC' trailerOne thing stands out in the trailer for the newest edition of “The Real World”: No one’s making a drunken idiot of him- or herself.

The long-running MTV series begins its 23rd installment on Dec. 30 with a season set in Washington. Maybe it’s the setting (although there are plenty of drunk louts in D.C.), or maybe the show is trying to reflect the heightened political engagement among a lot of young adults, but the show seems to be playing down the debauchery.

The earnest tone recalls the show’s first few seasons, when situations were less contrived and the participants seemed like real people more than caricatures. Whether that’s how the season actually plays out remains to be seen, but it’s kind of refreshing to see a group of characters who don’t just look like they’re auditioning for a spot in the next “Real World Road Rules Challenge.”

What do you think? Does the (possible) change in tone appeal to you?

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Photo credit: MTV

Posted by:Rick Porter