simmons nz Watch the Richard Simmons Air New Zealand in flight safety videoSomething is going on at the extreme other end of the world. First, John Travolta appeared in a Qantas airlines in-flight video. Then, Snoop Dogg turned up in this ad for Air New Zealand with some random talking bush baby. Now Richard Simmons is getting in on the action. The high-energy, ever-short-shorts-clad Simmons stars in the airline’s new in-flight safety video.

Personally, we’re not convinced this would be all that reassuring for someone experiencing pre-flight anxiety, but hey, maybe Simmons is actually a calming influence in New Zealand.

In the three-minutes-and-change video, Simmons leads a group decked out in ’80s-era “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” garb through the need-to-know facts about airline travel: How to inflate life vests and don air masks, the best crash position to take and how to calmly (calmly?) get to the nearest exit in the event of an unexpected landing.

Simmons also — after admonishing some dude to turn off his electronic devices — gives the guy a big kiss on the cheeck. Aww!

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson