“Sherlock” and “Downton Abbey” are both returning to PBS’ “Masterpiece” series in January. Thus, the public television network has released a promo video in which both British imports feature. Much of the footage comes from earlier seasons of each show, but the questions asked speak to the future.

“How will she manage?”

“Downton Abbey” gets the first question in footage that is all about Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) coping with the loss of her husband, Matthew, and raising their son on her own (with many servants, most likely).

While Mary looks nice and serene in the promo, that doesn’t seem like a continued state for this woman.

“How did he do it?”

The second question posed is for “Sherlock.” At the end of Season 2, Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) leapt from a rooftop to his supposed death. Except he didn’t die. Instead, the great detective will be back and as brilliant as ever in Season 3.

Unless this PBS promo is a lie, fans will find out how this winter. That should be a fun explanation!

For fans in the United States, “Downton Abbey” Season 4 returns on Sunday, Jan. 5, while “Sherlock” Season 3 follows on Sunday, Jan. 19.

Posted by:Laurel Brown