the situation getty Watch The Situation's acting debut in webseries...if you dare

“Shut your eyes, Marion. Don’t look at it, no matter what!”

These were the words spoken by Indiana Jones to Marion in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” When the Nazis opened the ancient relic, it unleashed a face-melting power upon those who would not avert their gaze. A similar event occurred today when footage from Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s acting debut hit PerezHilton.

Sitch makes his debut in a trailer for a new webseries called “New Stage,” produced by The trailer, which appears as though it was edited by six-year-old using iMovie, features Sorrentino as a hip-hop star who is judging a talent competition. We can’t tell if it’s part of the series or just Sorrentino’s reality TV background, but he can’t stop acknowledging the camera which, to our knowledge, is kind of an acting no-no.

The trailer features enough bad acting to burn down a rainforest and a soundtrack that was apparently recorded in one of those theme park “record your own CD” booths. If the quality of the series matches that of its scintillating trailer, then look out “Birdemic,” because we may have a new “worst ever” on our hands.

PerezHilton has the exclusive on the trailer for now, but you can check out The Situation talking about “New Stage” right here. Hopefully for “New Stage,” his line readings have improved.

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