The first teaser trailer for “The Strain” — a vampire thriller coming to FX — doesn’t give away much information about the series. It just provides a sufficiently creepy atmosphere for the Guillermo del Toro take on disease and the supernatural.

FX will air the first, 13-episode season of “The Strain” — based on a novel trilogy of the same name by del Toro and Chuck Hogan — beginning in July 2014. The story unfolds after an airplane lands at JFK airport in New York City. With doors sealed and lights off, it’s only after investigators enter that they find 200 victims and only four survivors of a mysterious pathogen.

The threat then spreads into the city at large. Traits that seem similar to legendary vampirism add an air of ancient mystery to the outbreak.

But little of that is seen in the teaser video. Instead, the sun merely goes into eclipse, bringing night to the city. Three mysterious words, “He is here,” appear on the screen. It’s dark and it’s creepy and it’s likely the feel that “The Strain” wants to have.

EP Carlton Cuse shed a bit more light (pun intended) on the series while at TCA 2014 winter press tour. “These are not sparkly, brooding dudes with fangs and romantic problems,” he says. “These vampires, or to use the Romanian word, strigoi, are really scary creatures, and this is a really original re-imagining of vampire lore.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown