On Feb. 17, Jimmy Fallon will take over “The Tonight Show” from Jay Leno. A video promoting the historic change to the 60-year-old talk show previews what fans might expect from the new host.

The clips from previous “Tonight Show” hosts aren’t long — and in the case of Conan O’Brien, pretty much non-existent — but they do give a sense of the history of the show. Started in 1954 under the leadership of Steve Allen, the reins passed to Jack Paar in 1957. Johnny Carson began his storied run in 1962 and continued on the “Tonight Show” until 1992. That’s when Jay Leno took over — for the first time — hosting until 2009. The single season of O’Brien (2009-2010) has become somewhat infamous, even if Leno’s return has caused that scandal to fade a bit.

Now, in 2014, “The Tonight Show” turns 60 and brings in a new host with Fallon. Not only does Fallon bring in a very different hosting style from his predecessors, but he also takes the show to a new city, New York.

A hint of what this will mean can be seen in the video.

Posted by:Laurel Brown