guy fieri saturday night live sketch snl nbc Watch the unaired Guy Fieri sketch from 'Saturday Night Live'

Looks like Guy Fieri finally caught a break! “Saturday Night Live” had planned a sketch to air on Saturday (Nov. 17) that featured the celebrity chef reacting to the New York Times review of his Times Square restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar.

Unfortunately, the sketch — starring Bobby Moynihan as Fieri — didn’t make the final show cut. “SNL” did, however, manage to film it during the dress rehearsal. Now, NBC has released the segment for our viewing pleasure.

Need some context before you watch the sketch? On Tuesday (Nov. 13), New York Times food critic Pete Wells published a rather scathing review of Guy Fieri’s large but apparently terrible Manhattan restaurant. The review was so bad, in fact, that it went viral, inciting amusement from foodies around the world.

After all, who could avoid laughing at a “blue drink that glows like nuclear waste”?

“Saturday Night Live” didn’t need to stick to the original joke, so they moved on to Guy Fieri’s response to this attack on his food. A few choice moments?

  • “Reading is how the eyes eat!” Apparently Guy Fieri has been watching “The Neighbors” over on ABC.
  • “Oh, that’s not off-the-chain. No, that’s very much on-the-chain.”
  • Bacon-wrapped dynamite? Bacon really does make everything better!
  • “I look like I’m playing the sun in a school play!”
  • “My food is best-served through a cloud of weed smoke!”
  • “My restaurant’s not in New York, Seth. It’s in Times Square!” If you have ever been to both Times Square and New York City, you have to appreciate this comment. Olive Garden anyone?

Posted by:Laurel Brown