young ryan gosling canada am Watch young Ryan Gosling tell Canada about his 'Mickey Mouse Club' roleRyan Gosling has always been adorable. Want proof? Check out a clip of a 12-year-old Baby Goose appearing on the Canadian morning show “Canada AM.”

Wearing the most ’90s outfit ever — a denim shirt with a patterned tie — and introduced with the most ’90s B-roll ever, Gosling tells Canada all about his new gig as a “Mickey Mouse Club” Mouseketeer.

What did ‘lil Gosling do when he found out he’d landed the part? “I hit the roof, it was so funny!”

Ever the Canadian, Gosling has nothing but nice things to say about the Disney as he describes the singing, dancing and acting involved in his audition.

When the interviewer asks him to perform for her (and the nation), he politely declines, having perfected the art of the tease. “There has to be some sort of surprise, so I’ll let you watch the show,” he says.

Check out little Gosling below at your own risk. Warning: You might squeal at the cuteness.

Posted by:Jean Bentley