wayne brady bill maher not black enough Wayne Brady calls out Bill Maher again over 'not black enough' commentsWayne Brady is once again firing back at comedian/commentator Bill Maher for remarks he has made in regards to Brady and President Obama not being “black enough.”

It started in 2010 when Maher did a stand-up routine saying he wanted a “real black president,” expecting President to “[lift] up his shirt so they can see the gun in his pants.”

The joke drew a lot of criticism, with Mediaite writing at the time, “You can’t blur the line between satirist and commentator … and expect people to let you off the hook for using minstrel show humor.”

Then in 2012, on a podcast with actress/TV host Aisha Tyler, Brady said that he has a problem with Bill Maher’s idea of what being black means.

“I’ve had Bill Maher twice now when referencing Obama, he’s like
‘Yeah, with your Wayne Brady’ — it’s a diss to Obama to be called me. … I’m not saying I’m really bada** but, if Bill Maher has his perception
of what’s black wrapped up, I would gladly slap the s*** out of Bill
Maher in the middle of the street, and then I want to see what Bill
Maher would do.”

Now on Huff Post Live, Brady once again addresses Maher’s “not-black-enough” jokes, saying that it hurts the black culture when he acts like he thinks all black men are thugs.

“Bill Maher has never walked in my shoes, nor any black man’s shoes … The black dude in his mind is the stereotypical, ‘What, yeah you know?’ … I’ll give you that black dude and I will beat your a** in public,” Brady cracks.

But in all seriousness, he says, “Be careful when you make statements like that. I really don’t care what [Maher thinks], but what I do care about is when Bill Maher says something like that, he has a segment of America’s ear. So when he says that, that’s OK for somebody at home to go, ‘That’s right. Guys that actually talk well and are black, that’s not black. I like my blacks misunderstandables.’ … That hurts me. Not me-me, but it hurts me for our culture.”

Do you think Brady has a point? Video below.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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