wayne mills shot bar rescue spike facebook Wayne Mills shot: Country singer died at site of 'Bar Rescue' episode in Nashville

Spike TV has issued an apology to viewers after inadvertently airing an unfortunately timed episode of “Bar Rescue.”
An episode filmed at Nashville’s the Pit and Barrel Bar — previously known as BoondoxXx BBQ & Juke Joint — was scheduled to air the day after a late night shooting took place at the establishment. 

Sadly, Wayne Mills, a long-time fixture on the Nashville country music scene, was killed as the result of an incident that took place at the Pit and Barrel on Saturday (Nov. 23).
The “outlaw country” singer was shot by bar owner Chris Ferrell after the business closed for the night. According to a police statement reported on by CNN, Ferrell claims the shooting was in self-defense. Acquaintances of both men said these friends were arguing when left alone.

After suffering a bullet wound to the head, Mills was pronounced dead at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The singer was reportedly working on a seventh album and had gigs booked in the near future.

Although Spike pulled the episode set for Sunday night, a late-night broadcast still went on. The network has apologized via Twitter and via an official statement.

The statement reads:

“In our last minute effort over the weekend to pull the ‘Bar Rescue’ episode featuring the Pit and Barrel, we regretfully did not remove a late-night telecast of the episode. We apologize to all those affected by the terrible tragedy over the weekend and to Jon Taffer, the production team, and our advertisers for our unfortunate human error.”

Taffer is the host and executive producer of “Bar Rescue.”

There is no word as to whether the “Bar Rescue” episode will air at a later date.

Posted by:Laurel Brown