wayne newton Wayne Newton to open home as a tourist attraction

Raise your hands if you ever wanted to trample around in Wayne Newton’s house without being arrested for trespassing? Well, good news! Las Vegas icon Wayne Newton is nearly ready to open his sprawling Vegas estate to the public. Book your plane tickets now!

Casa de Shenandoah, the 40-acre estate that houses the “Danke Schoen” singer, is home to a veritable Xanadu of attractions: South African penguins, Arabian horses, Renoir paintings, Johnny Cash guitars, Frank Sinatra’s champagne glass, etc etc. Newton has been hoping to open the attraction for some time, but protesting neighbors embroiled Newton in a year-long battle. Newton prevailed and now hopes to open his home in January or February.

Newton, along with his wife and daughter, will move to a smaller house on the property, allowing the main building to be devoted solely to Newton fanatics. The new estate is expected to employ more than 400 people, so give it up for Newton, the savior of Las Vegas!

Posted by:janderson