“Wayward Pines” revealed a lot about the world it occupies with its fifth episode, appropriately titled “The Truth.” But the answers don’t stop there, says executive producer M. Night Shyamalan.

“Episodes 5 and 6 are kind of the ‘answers episodes,” Shyamalan tells a group of reporters during a conference call. “Post-that is the ‘Oh my god, how are we going to feel about what we know now?'”

In exploring this brave new world, the characters are going to be confronted with an increasing number of moral quandaries, especially since the teens of Wayward Pines have been, as Shyamalan says, “indoctrinated.”

“I was very enamored with the social implications on the young when one indoctrinates them into a belief system,” says the EP. “I’m always interested in
these moral choices of ‘would you kill five children to find the cure to
cancer?’, those kind of moral dilemmas. That’s what really drew me to
this story, and what really fuels the final five episodes.”

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Shyamalan says this indoctrination idea means taking a look at “the difference between adults in this situation and children in this situation — which one has a handicap and which one has an asset?”

Furthermore, there are also the ramifications of how morality changes when the number of people involved is so small.

“There’s a kind of a thing we take for granted because there’s so many of us
right now — that freedom and lack of rules or flexibility of social
environment is a given, that’s a right,” says Shyamalan. “But if there were only X number
of us, does one of us get to jeopardize the group? Well, no. … To what extent would you go to make sure that that group
expands is — it pushes moral things that we take for granted right now because there’s 7 billion of us.”

And it’s all hurtling toward a big season finale. “I really wanted to get to this big moment in [episodes] 9 and 10,” the EP teases. “It’s what the pieces are moving to, and that happens end of [episode] 8 into 9, in that area.”

Shyamalan, who touts the rising ratings of “Wayward Pines” — which have been increasing slightly over the first five episodes — says that while Season 1 is finite, a Season 2 is definitely a possibility.

“FOX asked me [about a second season], and we talk about it. I’m open to it,” he says.

“Wayward Pines” is off this coming week, but returns with its next new episode on Thursday, June 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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