we are the world 'We Are the World' 2.0 behind the scenes with the stars

The remake of ‘We are the World’ premiered during the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies Friday (Feb. 12) revealing 75 singers, including Justin Bieber, Pink, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus,  
Jamie Foxx introduces the remake with a brief background on how the original song and the new track were made. There are shots of Haitian children interspersed throughout.


Opening the song, Justin Bieber, as well as Jennifer HudsonNicole Scherzinger. Tony Bennet, Mary J Blige, Barbara Streisand. Singing the part of her late brother Michael JacksonJanet Jackson makes an appearance. But there’s also a surprise shot of late King of Pop himself. 
Lil’ Wayne does a half rapped auto-tuned line. You’ll also see Wyclef Jean, Akon, American Idol’s Randy Jackson,, T-Pain, actor Jeff Daniels, Rap stars LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, with Snoop Dogg and will.i.am doing a rap breakdown in the song. Making a surprise appearance and rap towards the end is Kanye West
MIA? Taylor Swift. She couldn’t ‘interrupt’ her tour. Get it?
It’s hard to spot all the stars because the camera seldom stays put long enough to see all their faces. Also the mike often hides the faces of the soloists. It almost requires a repeated slo-mo viewing to fully appreciate all the talent assembled there. Bravo to everyone for this impressive effort to help Haiti. Michael must be very proud.
Photo credits: Video screen grab

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead