we are the world 2 'We Are the World' Barbra Streisand Photoshop mystery solved!
The release of a photo including Barbra Streisand taken during the recording of the “We Are the World” remake to benefit Haiti has caused a few Hollywood insiders to whisper that dirty little word, “Photoshop.”
The photo [seen above] shows Babs singing while standing next to Usher, Toni Braxton, Wyclef Jean, etc. But she’s the only one facing the camera and her head looks slightly larger than those around, or even in front of her. 


Is this a case of Where’s Barbra? 
No, according to Showbiz 411 blogger Roger Friedman, who was in the studio during the session.
“Barbra came in and sang her solos in a booth. Then she went out and sang the chorus with the group.” 
He explained that it’s very hard to get a photo of everyone looking good in a group shot. 
“Plus, they were all moving and singing and clapping while the photos were taken,” he tells The Dish Rag, adding that he selected a photo featuring Babs prominently because “It’s so unusual to see a photo of Barbra singing with other people.”
Despite the well-established fact that Barbra likes to control her image and how she is lit and photographed, Friedman says, “She controlled nothing.”
Besides, you can see more photos on WireImage.com and they can’t ALL be Photoshopped.
Photos: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead