Katie.jpgToday is ‘Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars’ day! This is the day where we throw on a “Star Wars” shirt and grab a geek or scifi toy or book to donate to the charity of your choice. The kicker? Mark it as a toy for a boy or a girl.

As we reported recently, this started last year with a little girl named Katie, who was teased for bringing a “Star Wars” water bottle to school. She was told that “Star Wars” was “for boys.” Katie’s mom, Carrie Goldman wrote a blog about it and bam! Geeks everywhere, both male and female rallied around Katie and sent toys and gifts and letters of support.

Goldman decided to start “Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars,” so that other kids could benefit from the outpouring of geek love and support for girls who love the genre. So today, in honor of Katie, pick up a chemistry set, a Boba Fett figure, an Anne McCaffery book, a shirt from Her Universe (a site with geek clothes and jewelry for women, started by Ashley Eckstein who voices Ahsoka Tano on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”) or any other geeky gift, and donate. Even more important? If you see bullying, do whatever you can to stop it. May the Force Be With You.

Posted by:jbusch