lisa kudrow web therapy 'Web Therapy': Lisa Kudrow solves your problems, 3 minutes at a timeLisa Kudrow debuts her newest series on television Tuesday night (July 19) — but it’s not exactly brand-new.

“Web Therapy” has been airing online for three years as a short-form web series, and it’s making the jump to Showtime at 11 p.m. ET Tuesday. Kudrow plays self-styled therapist Fiona Wallice, who doesn’t much like the traditional model of treatment and prefers webcam sessions with her clients that last only a few minutes.

The show strings together several of the webisodes and has expanded Fiona’s world a little bit to give her an on-camera husband (Victor Garber), a mom (Lily Tomlin) and an IT guy (Maulik Pancholy of “30 Rock”), which help round out the show into a half-hour comedy. The web series was often pretty funny, and we’ll be curious to see how it translates into a bigger, longer format.

Here’s a taste of the season premiere, in which Fiona uses her husband, Kip, to test the concept.

Posted by:Rick Porter