“Weeds” ended on a rather crazy cliffhanger Monday night (Sept. 27) – the entire family (including Nancy’s sister Jill and her two daughters) living together in a “compound” in Connecticut and then being targeted by a sniper, as a shot rang out and the credits rolled.

Creator Jenji Kohan says of the finale cliffhanger, “In the end, someone’s out to kill Nancy. The question is ‘Who is that
in the bushes?’ We certainly know who it is. The audience may or may not
figure it out. It’s something from seasons past, you’ve got to do a
little digging. Nancy has left a mess in her wake and the past always
comes back to haunt you.”

As for the new set-up in Connecticut, Kohan says it’s the family getting back to its roots, so to speak.

“Ironically enough, Nancy really considers what the best time for her children was and I think she realizes it was the suburbs, to a certain extent,” says Kohan. “She thought about her child and thought, ‘I want some green. I want a house.’ I also feel like by blending these families and sticking them in this house, we’ve opened up a lot of possibilities for Season 8.”

She says of Shane’s new chosen vocation:

“With Shane joining the police force, there is a part of him that loves law and order, that loves power of other poeple because he’s lived in this criminal family. It’s sort of our nod to ‘The Departed,’ you got one son going one way, you got another son going another way. It’s gas in the tank for a new season. What do you do if you’re a drug dealer and your son is training as as police officer?”

And finally, of Nancy and Jill:

“[Jill] is jealous, they have a very unhealthy dynamic, but ultimately I do think both of them love that kid and that’s the biggest factor. I don’t know how instinctive a parent she is, but there’s a fierce maternal quality to Nancy.”

Hopefully “Weeds” comes back to resolve it all in the summer of 2012. There has not been an official renewal yet for Season 8.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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